Tips for Life Fat Loss



If you really want to lose weight and get fit, there are certain points you must take into account.

First of all, get to know your health indexes: cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood sugar levels etc, all information provided by your typical annual check-up. Don’t forget to check your thyroid. Imbalances of the thyroid hormones lead to metabolic disturbances. The problem, once diagnosed, can be controlled with proper medication and make a significant difference to your efforts.

Nevertheless, there are a few tips that can help you on your fight against accumulated and stubborn fat.

Never follow too low calorie diet plans. Your metabolism is the mechanism that transforms food into energy. The less the food levels in your system, the lower your metabolism becomes. When you start cutting off calories, you begin to lose weight, at first. Soon enough, though, you may reach a “plateau”, that your brain interprets as a state of “famine”. In order to protect your body from starving to death, your brain blocks the metabolic function, preventing you from losing any more weight. When your metabolism is blocked at a very low level it is almost impossible to lose weight by simply reducing further your food intake.
As a consequence, the proper way to a thinner you is by keeping your metabolism busy, i.e. keep eating. The secret here is when to eat and what.

Research has shown that three main meals per day or up to five smaller meals throughout the day are perfect for keeping your metabolic rate active. In any case, you should never go more than six hours without eating. This routine, combined with the proper type of food, will start showing positive results on your scale, will protect you from mood swings and cravings, will fill you up with energy and finally will help you stick to your plan and succeed.

Drink a lot of water, 8 to 10 glasses per day, or even more if you like. You may even consume 2-3 cups of herbal tea (avoid normal tea or coffee, since too much caffeine may eventually block your metabolism) or some fresh fruit juice (watch out for sugar, though) but do not include those beverages to your daily water intake. Water will keep you well hydrated and will help dissolve excess fat.

If you should eliminate only one food from your menu, this is sugar. Taking into consideration all the different kinds of food where sugar is well hidden, even among the healthy ones (i.e. fruits, breads, cereals etc) you realize you should NEVER add extra sugar to anything that enters your mouth. On a later post we’ll discuss in depth the consequences of sugar in our body.

 Last but not least, get active. Do some sports, discover weight lifting, yoga, pilates, practice to run a marathon or simply WALK! Yes, walking briskly for at least 30 min three times a week is the most efficient way to jump-start your metabolism. Even if you haven’t followed a routine for ages, or have health problems that prohibit intense training, walking is the perfect workout for anybody, with amazing results and no unpleasant side effects.

Finally, remember this: the key to fat loss is commitment. Make one change at a time, be it in nutrition or exercise, give your body time to re-adjust and follow it through to the very end. The more time you need to lose a pound, the more permanent the result is. Follow those tips for fat loss and enjoy the new self of yours for life.   


The Best Strategy to Lose Belly Fat Fast


woman losing belly fat

Despite what you may think, belly fat is the easiest fat you may lose when following any diet plan.

The best strategy, though, to lose belly fat fast, consists of 3 key components:


Get enough water


It hydrates the inner organs and systems in your body. The endocrine system is the one regulating your metabolism. When the glands are well hydrated, they work properly speeding up your metabolism and helping you lose weight faster. You should aim for 8-10 glasses of water daily to ensure that your metabolism works at full speed. Don’t count juices and milk to your daily fluid intake and avoid at all sodas as the sugars or artificial sweeteners that may contain hinder weight loss.


Eat right


Replace processed and packaged food with fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats and healthy grains like oats. These foods give you more energy, keep your body nourished and help you lose excess fat and calories.


Get physically fit


Move your body to burn calories. A regular exercise plan such as walking for 30 min per day helps your body burn off excess fat.Follow an exercise program that will get your heart rate up and build lean muscle, like running, walking, swimming or biking. Begin by working out 3 times/week and gradually increase your frequency to every day.


Follow these 3 simple rules and soon enough you will see your mid-section shrinking. It is the best strategy to lose belly fat fast and feel fit and full of energy throughout the day.   

Fitness food

So, you found the perfect routine, you do it each and every day but still the results are not worth the sweat and the pain? Maybe the food you are consuming is sabotaging your efforts. With the right choice of food  you may fuel your muscles, burn more fat and boost your cardiovascular health. Have those 9 power foods before and after your workout to see results in no time.




popeye eating spinach


This green leafy vegetable contains a compound that increases protein synthesis by 120%. Although you have to consume 2 pounds per day to see significant results, adding spinach to your daily nutrition plan will eventually make a difference


Pineapple and Papaya


pineapple and papaya fruits

Both of these tropical fruits are loaded with bromelain and papain, enzymes that help break down proteins for digestion and have anti-inflammatory properties to speed up your post-workout recovery.




salmon fillets

Researchers found that cyclists who took fish oil for 8 weeks had lower heart rates and consumed less oxygen during intense bicycling than a control group did. The fatty acids in fish oil need to become incorporated into muscle and heart cells to have an effect, and that takes weeks of consumption-so either take fish oil pills each day, or try to eat fish rich in fatty acids multiple times a week to see similar results.


Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or Pasta With Meat Sauce


peanutbutter and jelly sandwichpasta with meat sauce dish The perfect post-weight training meal has about 400 calories, with 20 to 30 grams of protein (to build new muscle) and 50 to 65 grams of carbohydrates (to repair old muscle). Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or a small bowl of pasta with meat sauce are the best choices.


Pork Tenderloin


pork tenderloin dish

Lean meats are a great low-calorie source of protein, and scientists found that eating more protein may reduce the fat around your midsection. People who ate 20 more grams of protein every day than the average had 6 percent lower waist-to-hip ratios.


8 Ounces of Chocolate Milk


a glass of chocolate milk


British researchers found that milk does a better job than water or sports drinks at rehydrating the body after exercise. The reason is, milk has more electrolytes and potassium. Adding chocolate gives milk the perfect balance of carbs, protein, and fat for speedy muscle recovery.





cup of coffee and coffee beans

Caffeine blocks a chemical that activates pain receptors. Taking a caffeine supplement (equal to two cups of coffee) after exercise reduces muscle soreness more than pain relievers can.


Green Tea


a cup of green tea

Scientists found that participants who consumed three cups of green tea every day for a week had fewer markers of the cell damage caused by resistance to exercise. So drinking a few cups every day may help your muscles recover faster after an intense workout.


Cold Water


a glass of cold water Drinking cold water before and during exercise can help improve your endurance.  It is the most direct way to reduce core body temperature, so it takes you longer to heat up and slow down.


The 10 Best Fat Burning Foods


fit woman with healthy food


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There are several foods that help you in your fight against fat and added weight. Here is a list of the 10 best fat burning foods



 gala apples One of the richest fruit in nutrients, it increases your blood sugar levels and keep them up for a long time. They make you feel satisfied longer avoiding food cravings.


Fresh Organic Fuji Apples (5lb)



 berries selection

Full of vitamins and anti-oxidants, they satisfy your sweet tooth with their flavor. Therefore you manage to stay clear from all dangerous foods like sweets, biscuits etc. They also provide you with enough fiber that helps you absorb less calories from the food you normally eat.


Wild Mountain Blueberries – 1 Gallon





A couple of cups during the day act like a natural stimulant that boosts your metabolism. Keep in mind, though, to have it black, without any added sugar or milk


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It is a very healthy food, low in calories. Especially fatty fish such as salmon or herrings are very rich in Ω3-Ω6-Ω9 that are very important for your heart health but also help dissolve stubborn belly fat. Just like meat, you should try to know its origin in order to prevent dangerous chemicals enter your body.



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It is an excellent source of many nutrients and phytochemicals that contribute to a healthy diet. Research proved that it may burn stored fat, but also improves your cholesterol levels. Try drinking the juice of a grapefruit first thing in the morning, half an hour before breakfast and soon you will be amazed by your health factors. According to the so called grapefruit diet, one should consume a grapefruit half an hour before each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in order to achieve a rapid fat loss.


Florida Red Grapefruit – 1 tray


Green vegetables


eat your vegetables

Try lettuce in every meal (a full cup contains only 10 calories) but do not forget other veggies like spinach, collard, chicory, kale, Brussels sprouts etc, eaten raw or cooked. Full of fiber, vitamins and anti-oxidants satisfy your apetite and provide you with all necessary nutrients without adding calories



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Hot peppers and condiments


 drying_chillies_191136 Hot spicy peppers and condiments like hot mustard, chillies, Tabasco etc. They all contain capsein, an ingredient that boosts your metabolism by a factor of 25% for several hours



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Raw unprocessed oatmeal.



A cup of oats has only 110 calories. Very rich in fiber, it absorbs fat and helps you lose weight.




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Plain Greek yoghurt


plain yoghurt

Rich in protein and calcium it plays an important role in body shaping especially in your fight against belly fat. Combine it with raw oatmeal and an apple or berries for a healthy breakfast or a light dinner.


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Turkey or chicken skinless breast




Turkey or chicken skinless breast. Pure lean protein with little calories combined with green veggies is one of the favorite dishes of a healthy diet. As an alternative try an omelette from the whites of the eggs with veggies. 


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 One can always combine a variety of foods to prepare healthy meals that may help with one’s fight against extra pounds. The above mentioned are considered as the 10 best fat burning foods. I would like to add one more, which, to my opinion, can gradually make the difference: cold water. Cold water may boost your metabolism since it requires more energy to equal its temperature to the body’s in order to get absorbed. Try to have 8-10 glasses of cold water every day to burn some extra calories without any effort!

The 10 most common mistakes in nutrition




People who continuously try and fail to lose weight, they probably make one or more of the following common mistakes in nutrition:


1. They limit too much their caloric intake. In such a case the brain gets the signal of “famine”, which results to blocking the metabolism.


2. They avoid any fat at all.


3. As a consequence they consume too large portions of low fat products. A low fat product contains more carbs and especially sugars, in order to taste well. A low fat product, on the other hand, does not satisfy neither taste nor apetite. Therefore one tends to eat more, in order to feel full and satisfied, so he consumes more calories and stores more fat.


4.They consume over processed foods, from cereal and low fat dairy to pre-cooked meals (usually lean ones). Try to think and choose raw and organic- fish, meat, fowl, vegetables, fruits, plain oatmeal, full dairy products- and prepare simple dishes, full of nutrients and taste but certainly less in calories.


5. They skip meals, in order to eat less. Always aim for three main meals or five smaller throughout the day. Try to consume a combination of 30% protein+ 40% carbs +30% fat in every meal. For instance chicken salad with green leafy vegetables and olive oil, or half an orange and a slice of smoked turkey, or an apple with a handful of almonds. It is very important to start your day with a good breakfast, in order to get the necessary energy and avoid binging and over eating throughout the day.


6. They eat enormous amounts of sugar that is well hidden in over processed low fat products.


7. They eat in front of a TV, computer screen, or on their desks while working. Therefore they tend to savor their meal instead of enjoying it and end up eating more than necessary. Always try to have your meal well served on a dinner table, chew well and enjoy every bite.


8. They don’t drink a lot of water. An adult needs on average 8-10 glasses of water daily. The more you drink, the better the stored fat gets dissolved. Tip: Always drink a glass of cold water first thing in the morning. It helps jumpstart your metabolism.


9. When on diet, if they happen to indulge to their favorite treat, they believe it’s the end of the world and stop the effort, instead of committing to it and getting back on track as soon as possible.


10.They have little or no activity at all. You can boost your metabolism remarkably by adding exercise into your everyday life. Being active will make you look and feel better sooner and will help you commit to your plan.


Keep those 10 common mistakes in mind, every time you make a choice in your nutrition. You may realize, then, that losing that stubborn extra weight of yours is just a piece of cake (literally and metaphorically)!