The 10 most common mistakes in nutrition




People who continuously try and fail to lose weight, they probably make one or more of the following common mistakes in nutrition:


1. They limit too much their caloric intake. In such a case the brain gets the signal of “famine”, which results to blocking the metabolism.


2. They avoid any fat at all.


3. As a consequence they consume too large portions of low fat products. A low fat product contains more carbs and especially sugars, in order to taste well. A low fat product, on the other hand, does not satisfy neither taste nor apetite. Therefore one tends to eat more, in order to feel full and satisfied, so he consumes more calories and stores more fat.


4.They consume over processed foods, from cereal and low fat dairy to pre-cooked meals (usually lean ones). Try to think and choose raw and organic- fish, meat, fowl, vegetables, fruits, plain oatmeal, full dairy products- and prepare simple dishes, full of nutrients and taste but certainly less in calories.


5. They skip meals, in order to eat less. Always aim for three main meals or five smaller throughout the day. Try to consume a combination of 30% protein+ 40% carbs +30% fat in every meal. For instance chicken salad with green leafy vegetables and olive oil, or half an orange and a slice of smoked turkey, or an apple with a handful of almonds. It is very important to start your day with a good breakfast, in order to get the necessary energy and avoid binging and over eating throughout the day.


6. They eat enormous amounts of sugar that is well hidden in over processed low fat products.


7. They eat in front of a TV, computer screen, or on their desks while working. Therefore they tend to savor their meal instead of enjoying it and end up eating more than necessary. Always try to have your meal well served on a dinner table, chew well and enjoy every bite.


8. They don’t drink a lot of water. An adult needs on average 8-10 glasses of water daily. The more you drink, the better the stored fat gets dissolved. Tip: Always drink a glass of cold water first thing in the morning. It helps jumpstart your metabolism.


9. When on diet, if they happen to indulge to their favorite treat, they believe it’s the end of the world and stop the effort, instead of committing to it and getting back on track as soon as possible.


10.They have little or no activity at all. You can boost your metabolism remarkably by adding exercise into your everyday life. Being active will make you look and feel better sooner and will help you commit to your plan.


Keep those 10 common mistakes in mind, every time you make a choice in your nutrition. You may realize, then, that losing that stubborn extra weight of yours is just a piece of cake (literally and metaphorically)!