Walking For Weight Loss

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woman walking Walking is one of the best routines for weight loss.


 If you are overweight or have not exercised for a long time, walking is the most efficient way to help you incorporate exercise to your overall slim down plan.

propet-walking-shoe It is easy, cheap and you can do it almost everywhere. All you need is a pair of comfortable sneakers and off you go. You may walk anywhere, in a park, by the beach, in the countryside or simply in your neighborhood. You can walk every day, anytime, in all weather, all alone or with company.


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The only trick is to keep a vigorous pace or even better try interval training to increase calorie burn:

Start with a moderate pace for 10min. Then jog or walk fast for 90sec (by fast we mean not to be able to maintain a conversation) before returning to a moderate pace. Continue this cycle throughout your walk.

It is recommended to walk for at least 30min 4-5 times a week, to have results. Soon, though, you will be able to extent those sessions to 1 hr or more. For even better results, try using weights, sticks, walking up hills or using the elevation feature on a treadmill. All these tricks will raise significantly your calorie burn.

The most important factor is consistency. It is estimated that walking just for 30min/day equals to 90calories which leads to a weight loss of 10 lbs in a year without any dieting! A brisk walk (at 4mph/hr) burns approximately 350 calories per hour. It takes 3,500 calories to equal 1 lb of fat, which means that you need to burn 3,500 cal more than you take in with food in order to lose 1 lb a week. Cutting 500 cal/day from your diet will help you accomplish this target but if you also walk, you may lose more than 1lb/week.

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Walking for weight loss and following a balanced nutrition, will help you get rid of your extra pounds in a relatively short time. You will soon be leaner, healthier with a firmer body and an overall better mood.

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